About Us

My name is Lyneda Rogers and I am the owner of The Egglady's Daughter.  I'm so glad you have found my website!  

I've loved to craft and scrapbook most of my adult life.  From making Christmas ornaments to creating beautiful pages for my daughter's scrapbooks, I loved my "hobby".  Then, in 2017, I realized that this had become so much more than a hobby when my signs and decor were being sold faster than I could make them.  I decided it was time to take this seriously and create a business.  But what would my business be called?  I mean, when I go out and introduce myself I always start with "You may know me, I'm the Egglady's Daughter" and BOOM! my business was born!  You see my mom has been known as "The Egglady" since the 70's.  She delivers eggs locally in our hometown of Spring Hill, KS and she knows EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE.  I've even traveled with her by train and plane and she has always found someone she knows no matter where we go.  She's the kind of person you either love to sit next to on a plane or hate to sit next to on a plane!  Everyone knows her for a reason and everyone loves her when they meet her.  Anyway, I guess she's a local "legend" so I literally start every introduction with "I'm the Egglady's Daughter" and I immediately make a connection. 

So that's where the name came from if you're wondering.  And Egglady is one word because her license plate says EGGLADY so that's how I've always known it!  My family and I live on a farm and raise goats and enjoy a simple life. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for browsing my website.  I hope you find something for your home or for someone you love.